A Prototype of a Low Cost, Online Airborne Particulate Monitoring Station

Abstract :

A prototype of a low cost, online airborne particulate monitoring station was developed and presented in this paper. Developed prototype station was consisted of the station structure with the air conditioning system and the PM10 and PM2.5 mass monitor. In this study, the developed PM10 and PM2.5 mass monitor was used the measurement technique of the charged particle current via the high efficiency particulate air filter. It capable to detecting and measuring the PM10 and PM2.5 in the fast time response of about 0.1 sec. The prototype was used the right technology and materials, the cost of this developed station was about 3 times cheaper, but it can work comparable with the mass monitor currently used. Currently, the prototype is actually installed and used 3 stations in the northern and southern of Thailand. Real-time measurement reports are also available through the Climate Change Data Center website. The PM2.5 and PM10 measurement data can also be used in predictive modeling or forecasting models for predictive volume and behavior of the particulate matter in near-real-time

Authors : panich intra

Published : 2018-09-24

Pages : 1

ISSN : 2586-8268
e-ISSN : 2651-0723
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